Pocket Reduction Procedures


Pocket reduction surgery refers to a group of procedure modalities with a singular goal: reducing and/or removing inflamed gingival tissue.  At times, the loss of this support is not even and, therefore, can require a combination of approaches.  While there are non-surgical laser assisted procedures, the example below is more surgical in nature.   The fact is that periodontal bone loss occurs at varying degrees and many factors will affect this process.  Essentially, your periodontist is  removing unhealthy, loose gum tissue harboring harmful bacteria which eventually will degenerate the underlying bone further. Pocket reduction or flap surgery is recommended for patients whose problems haven’t responded to non-surgical treatment such as  scaling and root planing. Additionally, if the jawbone deterioration is significant enough, tooth loss may be the only option to gain stability.

Your Pocket Reduction Surgery Procedure

This procedure is accomplished using a variety of techniques dependent on the topography of the underlying support.  It may be soft tissue re-contouring is adequate in some areas while others benefit more from trying to grow back or regenerate bone.  Dr. Ravenel will always strive to give you some idea of how predictable your outcome should be and factors which contribute to success.  It is a team effort, meaning more frequent cleanings and attention to the areas of breakdown in your home care routine become paramount in expecting a favorable outcome.  Often patients will ask what happens if they do nothing? There is no absolute predictor of how long is to long to wait, but the alternative of tooth loss is not a great option in and of itself.  The one certainty, is the least invasive approach used taking into consideration your health, habits, and desires is the best place to start.

Patients receive customized local anesthesia and may request conscious sedation during the procedure to guarantee their comfort. With your procedure, you should experience very little impact on your daily life. Most patients are able to go back to work and engage in normal activities within a few days.  Less time is needed for smaller areas of treatment.  Discuss these items carefully with Dr. Ravenel to be sure you are planning for success!  We are here to guide you through the journey to acquire a healthy foundation.

What to Expect at Our Office


Dr. Ravenel has over fifteen years of experience working as a periodontist in Greenville, SC. She’s a member of the American Dental Association, the South Carolina Dental Association, the American Academy of Periodontology, and the Southern Academy of Periodontology. Continuing education is a priority to Dr. Ravenel, ensuring new technologies and procedures are available to her patients.

Customized Treatment Options

Patients of Ravenel Periodontics have confidence that their treatment plan will be customized to their specific needs. Dr. Ravenel will educate you on the issues affecting your dental health, share the options available to you, and work with you to create a treatment plan.

Individual Attention

Dr. Ravenel believes that everyone deserves to be treated as an individual. She listens to her patients’ concerns, enjoys getting to know them, and prioritizes making them comfortable. For this reason, patients who have been seeing Dr. Ravenel for years continue to recommend her.